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Unitea Teapot set small glass

Brand Kinto
Designer Kinto
Color Transparent
Dimensions 13.8 cm (W) X 7.8 cm (L) X 11 cm (H)
Weight 0.6 Kg
Material Glass

Out of stock

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Made entirely from glass, Kinto's Unitea Glass Teapot is designed to showcase the beauty and diversity of loose leaf teas. Both strainer and pot are made from high-grade, heat-resistant glass to provide a clear perspective on tea leaves, flowers and infusions as they brew, and the strainer is removable so you can control the taste. UNITEA is composed of items with a unified diameter. Jugs, cups, strainers, and lids can be mixed and matched according to your taste. Customize by pairing the strainer with the jug to enjoy tea with several people, or set the same strainer inside the mug to make tea for yourself. With this series, you can purchase additional parts when you have new members in your family or if you accidentally break a piece. Set the transparent strainer inside the heat-resistant jug or cup. As you watch the tea leaves slowly bloom, you feel your tension ease away. The dynamic arching handle changes the delicate image of the conventional glasswares. With a stable form and an easy feel, it nests perfectly into hands big or small. Capacity: 500ml. Made of heat-resistant glass. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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