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Screen reading glasses #C Black

Brand IZIPIZI (See Concept)
Series #C Screen
Color Black
Dimensions 15 cm (W) X 13.7 cm (L) X 4.4 cm (H)
Weight 0.2 Kg
Material Plastic, Rubber

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In January 2017 See Concept has changed its brand name and has become IZIPIZI! Same brand, same concept, it does not change the quality and uniqueness of the well-known See Concept eye glasses. Did you know that, on average, we spend 50 hours a week on smartphones and tablets, in front of computer screens and TV screens or playing video games. All these screens have the latest generation «LED backlighting» and emit so-called «blue» light, also known as HEV (High Energy Visible) light. Consequences: Blue light is almost as dangerous as UV light and can cause: 1) In the short term, headaches and sore eyes. 2) In the long term, irreversible eye damage (cataracts, AMD: Macular Degeneration related to Age). See Concept’s Screen range is equipped with innovative lense that filters out 40% of the blue light* emitted by our screens, for a gentler daily experience in front of the screen and protection for your eyes. In a range of colors that run the gamut from classic to eye-catching, these stylish spectacles flatter all face shapes, have velvety, soft-touch finishes, and have flex hinges for a universally snug and comfortable fit. Dioptre strengths available: +1, +1.5, +2, +2.5, +3. Packaged in a felt pouch and case. LetmeSee, a fashionable range of "unmissable" Designer, Colourful and Accessible reading glasses. Frame size: 137 x 44 x 150 mm. Package size: 180 X 85 X 35 mm

Customer Reviews

Review by Capitan Harlock
Sono già diversi giorni che ho ricevuto gli occhiali. Tempistica giusta per quanto riguarda la consegna. Designer della montatura gradevole, buono il confort, non ti stancano gli occhi pur passando diverse ore sul PC. Consigliato l'articolo

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