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Holiday Gift Bags 3 pack Red

Brand bag-all
Color Multi color
Dimensions 35 cm (W) X 46 cm (L) X 2 cm (H)
Weight 0.2 Kg
Material Organic Cotton

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Fabric gift bags can be used hundreds of times and saves the environment from unnecessary garbage created by regular gift wrapping. Keep them in your family or pass them along to friends! This 3-pack contains: 1 Large gift bag 46x35x6cm, 1 Medium gift bag 36x27x6cm, 1 Small gift bag30x20x6cm. Handprinted with eco friendly colors on 100% cotton. All bags come with a gift tag attached to the ribbon and the bags has a bottoms so they can stand. Hand wash cold and store flat with bottom folded between uses, so the bags are ready to be used - and reused - over and over again. Philosophy: Bag-All is a brand that believes we can all do something for the environment by taking small, stylish steps. Meaning, if we all start thinking about reusing rather than purchasing new things all the time, we save natural resources and reduce garbage. So let's do something for the environment - in style! Reusable organic cotton gift and travel bags from Bag-all. Unlike wrapping paper, the bags can be used - and reused. The bags and fabrics have been designed by experienced Swedish stylist Jennifer Jansch. “Reusing” has been recognized by the US Environmental Protection Agency as the most effective way of reducing waste and saving natural resources. And as an added bonus, reusing saves you money. In the US alone, 4 million tons of wrapping becomes waste each holiday season. Let’s start changing this - one reusable gift bag at a time!

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