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Eiko Egg Boiler Set Blue

Brand Authentics
Color Pink
Dimensions 13 cm (W) X 8.5 cm (L) X 6.2 cm (H)
Weight 0.5 Kg
Material Polycarbonate

In stock



Simplifies boiling eggs in a pot, differentiates the hanging eggs with its various colours, ensures the safe transport of the egg from the pot to the cold water and to the table, protects the hands from burns and accommodates the egg at the table. Do not use with gas cookers! Eiko is the ingenious solution for the perfect breakfast egg. With Eiko, the egg can be cooked, timed, quenched and eaten. Just hang simply the eggcups in a pot with boiling water and memorize the different cooking times with the different colours. Take it out by the handle (that remains cool) and hold it under cold water to loosen the shell. Like that egg and hands stay safe and the egg will be stylish served to the breakfast table! Your boiled egg is table-ready. Colours: light pink, pink, lilac, violet

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