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Cool Breather Carafe 1lt

Brand Menu
Designer Norm
Series New Norm
Color Black
Dimensions 10 cm (W) X 29 cm (L) X 10 cm (H)
Weight 1 Kg
Material Glass

In stock



Menu's world class new Cool Breather Carafe with a unique double wine decantation process, granting fantastic decanting skills as well as a visual experience that impress even connoisseurs. It is true innovation designed by Norm for MENU.
The Wine Breather is a carafe for use both at home to seriously upgrade the wine we drink every day as well as by professional sommeliers at top restaurants. Because it is stunningly effective and new in the way it decants and thereby transforms the wine by releasing all the flavour and aromas. The functionality of the carafe is that you put the wine carafe on top of the open wine bottle by using the wine aerator and then you turn the bottle upside down - allowing for a beautiful view, when all the wine runs through the carafe, while opening up and releasing its aromas and flavors. It has been proved in leading tests that the Wine Breather aerating is so significant that 90% of the wine that is enjoyed every day will taste significally better by using the Wine Breather. New Norm Wine Many white wines also benefit from being able to breathe. The CoolBreather allows you to both aerate and cool the wine. A cooling stick in the elegant 1-litre flask cools the wine to 5-6°C. The simple design and clean lines of the flask take their inspiration from the shape of a traditional wine bottle, and you use the CoolBreather to serve the wine - it does not need pouring back into its original bottle. It can, of course, also be used to cool water and juice.

Customer Reviews

Review by Livia
Perfetto per ogni bevanda. Bottiglia in vetro da maneggiare con attenzione. Sarebbe stato utile sul corpo un accorgimento per una presa più salda.

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