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Coffee jug set 300ml

Brand Kinto
Designer Kinto
Color Transparent
Dimensions 12 cm (W) X 10 cm (L) X 15.5 cm (H)
Weight 0.5 Kg
Material Glass, Stainless Steel

In stock



Experience Drip Coffee, Time slowly goes by with each drip of coffee; brewed in a beautiful stainless steel filter, then dripped into a jug. The product series "Slow Coffee Style" was created to bring you the taste of slow brewed coffee created with the pour-over method. Two Cup coffee jug set lets you slow brew coffee anywhere you want. Place the plastic brewer and the stainless steel filter on the glass jug. Put medium ground coffee into the filter. Coffee dripped through a stainless steel filter retains more coffee oil, which brings you the rich aroma of coffee. The stainless filter can be used repeatedly as it is durable. The transparency of the glass allows you to see the process of coffee dripping, and scales and warm messages are printed on the jug‘s surface to make you feel at ease. After dripping, you can place the dripper on the holder, which comes as a set. There are scales on the holder, so it can also be used as a measuring cup for coffee beans. All parts are stackable to save space. Designed in Japan. Heat resistant glass. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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