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Chop Organizer

Brand Royal VKB
Designer Ontwerpbureau 311
Color Grey
Dimensions 24 cm (W) X 19.5 cm (L) X 15.8 cm (H)
Weight 0.5 Kg
Material Plastic

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Adding all those fresh ingredients to your dish certainly improves the taste, it is just the cutting of them into small pieces that often means a lot of work. It is often the case that the cutting board becomes overloaded and the ingredients simply then end up on the surface next to the cutting board plus the fact that all the different ingredients may not be added to the dish all at once. Besides all that the work top ends up looking really messy with all those peelings and other waste. The Chop Organizer of Royal VKB makes it a lot easier!
The Chop Organizer consists of 2 parts: a bin and a lid which do indeed resemble a brush and can. With the Chop Organizer all sliced or chopped ingredients can be easily? scooped up? collected and then be put into the pan or bowl. The Chop Organizer is also ideal for collecting peels and other waste. By putting the smartly designed edge of the Chop Organizor against the cutting board, cut vegetables or peels can be easily? scooped up? without losing them all over the floor. The Chop Organizer makes it possible to prepare your dishes as neatly and as organized as a Professional Chef would!! The Chop Organizer is suitable for the dish washer.

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