ZouZou TraLaLa items are colourful and fun. Each collection comes with its own story and can be appreciated by both children and parents alike.
The designer and creator of ZouZou TraLaLa, Laurence Hayel, is actively involved in all aspects of the creative process. She advocates traditional techniques and know how. Fabrics are almost all 100% cotton.
She searches for original patterns or creates her own designs and the results are explosive and full of personality. The details and quality are exceptional. With a colourful, original and exotic style, ZouZou TraLaLa is already known as the height of fashion in children's clothing.
With a seamstress mother and a handyman father, you could say she was born with a needle in one hand and a screwdriver in the other. As a child, she loved making dresses and houses for her dolls. She studied painting, sculpture and photography at the School of Visual and Fine Arts in Brittany. After the birth of her daughter, Zouzou, her passion for children's clothing was ignited. Every article is inspired by a story she would tell Zouzou...Tralala!