Eco-fashion. The Italian brand Rcycld was created from the concept of eco-fashion, which starts with the search for recycled materials and a diverse range of everyday objects, and ends with a design label which is 100% MADE IN ITALY thanks to the creativity, new ideas, research and special attention paid to the product.
Rcycld is a crossover of social and artistic influences from all over the world; it is a passionate search that dives into different cultures and finds the roots that characterise Made in Italy within the different materials and their forms.
The Rcycld way of thinking in completely in synch with nature.
In contrast to the financial policies that aim to reduce costs at the expense of the environment, Rcycld cleans, treats and prints its products with environmentally friendly solvents, which is a costly process but cuts down environmental impact to a minimum.
The use of recycled and recyclable untreated cardboard for the packaging of Rcycld articles reflects the brand philosophy, and the containers themselves can in turn become an object to be re-used.

Rcycld selects objects that are one of a kind, found in diverse markets from all over the world.
Once the objects have been carefully washed with non-chemical products, they are assembled and given a new identity, offering the consumer an almost dying quality: craftsmanship.
The materials used by Rcycld to create its articles are selected from the following markets:
  • Los Angeles Pasadena Rose Bowl
  • London Notting Hill; Portobello Road
  • Belgium Waterloo
  • Berlin Garage Shop
  • Paris Les Puces de Saint Ouen