Designed by the young designer Antonio De Marco-Studio 4P1B, the Euclide and Archimede baskets are made of sheets of reconstituted or "bonded" leather, an innovative and ecological material made from a blend of natural latex and finely ground vegetable tanned and chrome-free leather fibres.
Euclide plays with geometry and creates a prismatic surface thanks to clever design and skilled workmanship, set against the Archimede collection which has the line and cut of a truncated cone. On the other hand, the Ovo line, designed by the Pinetti Design and Style Office, makes the combination of materials its distinctive trait, joining recycled and naturally tanned leather to give a soft enveloping shape.
Offered to customers in their original sheet form, the baskets are assembled by simply folding along the cuts to create the final object.
These new Pinetti designs bring together the use of a flexible, versatile and above all eco-sustainable material with intuitive and functional design.
The use of classic forms together with the importance of recycling and the use of alternative materials make Pinetti products the ideal accessory for personal and business spaces.

Bonded leather
For their latest collection of baskets, Pinetti have chosen bonded leather, which is an innovative and natural material bringing together research and sustainability.
Made up of between 80% and 100% of vegetable tanned leather fibres, which are free from chrome and artificial colorants, the leather is ground and mixed with natural latex to obtain a homogeneous mixture worked into sheets of different thicknesses.
It is the ideal choice of material for all those items which require durability and versatility, and is specially adapted to hand-craftsmanship which gives a distinctive trait to the finishes and details.