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Brand Vargu
Color Black
Dimensions 8 cm (W) X 24 cm (L) X 25 cm (H)
Weight 1 Kg
Material Seatbelts, Tetron, Tube

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Binul is a bag made from buffalo leather, recycled innertubes, car-safetybelts and tetron.
Zippered bag. On the back: 1 zip-pocket. inside: waterproof lining, 1 pocket, 1 zip-pocket, key-ring. Belt: adjustable shoulderbelt with removable pad. This new series of bags "Margelish" signed by the same designer brand Vargu are made with parts in buffalo leather and classic Vargu bags materials such as inner tubes of tires and seat belts perfect blend of original materials and high quality. By producing this products from used and recycled materials instead of virgin materials, we conserve land and reduce the need to drill for oil, dig for minerals, and cut down trees. One of the first environmental lessons many children learn, can not be overstated. Half the Earth´s forests are gone... we believe in the drop of water on hot stone. Beginning of June 2010 Vargu overtook the financing of the Orissa (South India) orphan-children school project. Vargu is educating 60 children so far and is donating a portion of ist profit for the upliftment of these social victims. When buying these products please know that you are also supporting a social cause beside the fair production conditions. Thank you for standing with VARGU!

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